Redox regulation

Stérilor XP Redox

Control and precision.

Optimised chlorine production.

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Connected Redox regulation

Redox or the oxidation-reduction potential offers a snapshot of the oxidising capacity of the water and therefore its disinfectant quality.

Stérilor XP Redox regulates the Stérilor XP Salt electrolyser using its built-in Redox sensor which detects the disinfectant produced by the electrolyser.

Stérilor XP Redox operates as follows:

– when the Redox reading is below the specified set point, the electrolyser produces salt.

– when the Redox reading is above the specified set point, the electrolyser is on standby.

Stérilor XP Redox is a module from the Stérilor XP range.
The five XP modules are standalone but complementary. They aim to make water treatment simple, efficient, modular and connected.

Product benefits

Automatic water disinfection.

Data and controls via mobile phone app.

Bluetooth connection for local control.
Compatible with Connect module for remote control over wireless internet.

Unit protection rating IP66.

French innovation.

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Test and control via mobile phone:

Bluetooth connection.
Serves to consult and adjust settings on Stérilor XP modules near the pool.
Specific Android and iOS mobile app designed for intuitive daily use.

Communication between units:

via Bluetooth.

Luminous unit:

Displays the status of the appliance at a glance.

Coupling with electrolyser:

When the Redox level is reached, the electrolyser is put on standby; when the Redox level is not reached, the electrolyser is producing.

Configurable alerts:

Adjustment of alert for min. pH and max. pH readings

Full 3-day history.

Roaming connection – Global history:

Use the (optional) Connect module to control appliances over an internet connection.
Includes instant data viewing, editing settings and set points, as well as the full and permanent pool care history.


High-quality components, easy to install, modular, transparent, etc. Stérilor solutions are designed to make installation and maintenance easier, while ensuring a long service life.



Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.


An app to manage your pool wherever you are

Native local control

Remote control

Delegated control to your pool professional

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Stérilor XP Sel

Single-function connected appliance, can be controlled via mobile and combined with all units in the XP range.

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Stérilor XP pH

Manages the pH level to boost the effectiveness of the treatment and maintain comfortable bathing conditions.

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Stérilor XP Temperature

This module measures the temperature of the pool water, issues alerts in case of high temperature, and stops the electrolyser in case of low temperature.

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Stérilor XP Connect

The Stérilor Connect unit extends the functions of the application, offering the possibility of remote control of appliances over an internet connection (Wi-Fi or LTE).

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The modules of the XP range are connected together via Bluetooth. They can be controlled via the dedicated mobile phone app, whether locally or remotely.

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Mobile application

Water treatment has never been so intuitive.
Simplified control of pool water treatment.

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