Stérilor XP,

connected treatment of your salt water pool

Autonomous, complementary units that communicate with each other via Bluetooth, streamlined and compact with an ultra-simple interface controlled by a dedicated phone app, designed for intuitive daily use…

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The comfort of water treatment controlled by a mobile app.

It’s new, it’s French, and it will change your pool maintenance experience.

For her, for him, for them…

For people who want simple, comfortable, effective treatment over the long term.

For people who want to limit environmental impacts and control their budget by reducing product use to a minimum.

For people who prefer spending time in the water rather than treating it, without compromising on quality.

For people who want to take care of their equipment and investments.

For people who want to keep an eye on their pool wherever they are and whenever they want for stress-free and no-surprise bathing.

A new approach to connected water treatment systems

Stérilor XP includes 5 independent but complementary modules (Salt chlorinator, pH regulator, Redox regulator, Temperature and Connect) from the same family. Their purpose is to make the salt electrolysis water treatment:

  • simple
  • efficient
  • modular and scalable
  • comfortable

while being natively connected, controlled via a dedicated, full-featured and intuitive app.


The 5 sleek and compact control units with their ultra-simplified interfaces are controlled by a specific mobile phone app designed for intuitive everyday use… 5 modules for 5 functions: Salt chlorinator, pH regulator, Redox regulator, Temperature and Connect.
Every element is in the right place.
Nothing missing, nothing superfluous.

A light indicator on the front of the control units shows their status and all diagnostics very simply.
The rest is on the app screen.


35 years of Stérilor expertise, but also no less than 3 years of specific Research and Development are concentrated in this salt electrolysis water treatment system.

The components are rigorously selected, the design is French, the products have been tested and approved by pool professionals and installers over two full seasons.

All modules have a 3-year guarantee and their units come with an IP66 protection rating.


Stérilor XP modules are stand-alone and can run separately while being complementary, since they are connected to each other via Bluetooth.

Custom installation is therefore possible and allows you to either:

  • choose all 5 modules from the outset and immediately benefit from a complete treatment solution.
  • or start by choosing 1 or 2 or 3 modules initially while reserving the option to upgrade your installation over time depending on your budget.


Stérilor XP is above all an automated salt electrolysis treatment that releases users from the main chores of pool maintenance.

Thanks to the Stérilor XP app, a few taps on your phone screen will allow you to experience the pleasure of hygienic water at all times.


…Natively for the Salt chlorinator, pH regulator, Redox regulator and Temperature modules

The Stérilor XP app can be controlled using Bluetooth near the pool and has been designed so that users spend as little time on it as possible, for optimum, long-lasting water quality and permanent bathing comfort.
Its ergonomics make water maintenance fun, accessible and simple.
The app automatically detects the modules and controls them from a single screen.
Users will receive alarms, recommendations for optimum settings and can set pool management sharing options…

…and without limit

using the Connect module…

The Connect module is used to extend app features by enabling control of appliances using an internet connection. This offers instant data viewing, lets you alter settings and set points and grants you access to the full pool history anywhere, any time.

The Stérilor app is also designed to enable you to outsource the monitoring and maintenance of your pool water to a professional, using its delegated control feature.

A range of connected products

Stérilor XP Sel

Single-function connected appliance, can be controlled via mobile and combined with all units in the XP range.

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Stérilor XP pH

Manages the pH level to boost the effectiveness of the treatment and maintain comfortable bathing conditions.

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Stérilor XP Redox

Control and precision. Optimised chlorine production.

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Stérilor XP Temperature

This module measures the temperature of the pool water, issues alerts in case of high temperature, and stops the electrolyser in case of low temperature.

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Stérilor XP Connect

The Stérilor Connect unit extends the functions of the application, offering the possibility of remote control of appliances over an internet connection (Wi-Fi or LTE).

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The modules of the XP range are connected together via Bluetooth. They can be controlled via the dedicated mobile phone app, whether locally or remotely.

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Mobile application

Water treatment has never been so intuitive.
Simplified control of pool water treatment.

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Discover the product in video


High-quality components, easy to install, modular, transparent, etc. Stérilor solutions are designed to make installation and maintenance easier, while ensuring a long service life.



Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.