Salt electrolyzer
Stérilor EVO DUO

The excellence of complete treatment.

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Stérilor EVO DUO is an advanced salt treatment solution that combines electrolysis, pH regulation and ORP sensor control (optional).

Its hydraulics including a high quality electrode, allow professional installations Stérilor EVO DUO is easy to integrate into the Nextpool home automation environment thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Products advantages

  • Electrolysis and pH control functions.
  • Redox control option.
  • LCD screen with user-friendly interface.
  • Ergonomic hydraulics.
  • connected
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Configurable polarity reversal

No scale build-up. Stérilor process optimising the life of the electrodes.

Auto-adaptability to water salinity

The appliance maintains constant production throughout the season despite the drop in salt levels caused by water top-ups. The life of the electrodes is optimised.

7 operating modes:

  • Normal: continuous production.
  • Boost: production at 120% for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Timer: treatment time programming each time the filtration pump starts
  • 24/24: treatment time programmed over 24 h, split proportionally every hour
  • Delayed start-up (up to 120 h).
  • Automatic winterisation (optional temperature sensor required).
  • Standby.

Redox control option.

Automatic electrolyser production control by adding the ORP EVO Kit.

Slow Mode :

Automatic coupling of the treatment to the slatted cover, cover or shelter position. Adjustable output for operation with the slatted cover closed.

Shock chlorination:

Production is boosted to its maximum from 1 to 24 hours, with automatic return to the initial mode.

Proportional pH control +/- :

pH injection adjusted automatically depending on changes in the pH measurement.

No flow/no water safety:

Detection of lack of flow or lack of water in the electrolysis cell.

Smartphone control and management:

Local update and control using the “WelcomPool” mobile app designed for intuitive day-to-day use.

Nextpool Pilot compatibility:

Wireless integration with the Nextpool Pilot connected solution for automated pool management (filtration, lighting, heat pump, etc.) and remote control of treatment functions (production settings, alerts, etc.).

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The device displays diagnostic codes, the meaning of which is detailed in the user manual, so that you can quickly understand and resolve an incident, even remotely.

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Use WelcomPool to manage your water treatment simply.

The WelcomPool mobile app lets you manage the EVO range via Bluetooth from your smartphone.

Available from the Apple and Android stores, WelcomPool especially allows to:

  • check the pool water quality in real time,
  • adjust the EVO appliance processing parameters,
  • activate their different operating modes,
  • view operating alerts and notifications,
  • or access the measured parameter history (pH, Redox, Temperature).

The application also makes it easy to carry out annual maintenance operations (calibration, etc.) and to update the appliances to benefit from the latest software developments.

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High-quality components, easy to install, modular, transparent, etc. Stérilor solutions are designed to make installation and maintenance easier, while ensuring a long service life.



Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.




Designed using the most advanced technology, with automatic polarity change, Evo One will simplify your life.

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Stérilor EVO UNO is a scalable salt electrolyser of which the production can be controlled by an ORP sensor (optional kit). Stérilor EVO UNO combines a user-friendly interface, advanced functions and a long-lasting electrode.

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