Nextpool Pilot

The connected pool for everyone!

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Nextpool Pilot is a connected management solution that can be used to manage all pool equipment (filtration, lighting, heat pump, treatment appliances, etc.) intelligently and automatically.

Compatible with the new range of Stérilor EVO 2024 treatment appliances, Nextpool Pilot provides the advanced remote management of Stérilor EVO appliances. It continuously checks that they are in good working order (measurements, set points, alarms, etc.).

Combined with Stérilor EVO automatic treatment appliances, Nextpool Pilot provides peace of mind, comfort, energy savings and the guarantee of quality water throughout the season.

Discover Nextpool Pilot in video

With Nextpool PILOT, treat yourself to…


Optimised filtration times, controlled treatment and programming adapted to your use (heat pump, etc.).


Control your equipment (heat pump, lighting, etc.) easily and act quickly from your mobile, tablet or computer.

…peace of mind

Benefit from automated filtration and treatment management. Receive notifications in the event of problems and protect pool equipment.

A simple, reliable and scalable solution

The Nextpool Pilot solution is a set of modules that can operate independently or together to automate, control and monitor the smooth running of a swimming pool.


Simple and user-friendly, the Nextpool Pilot app makes managing and maintaining your pool easy.

My pool

View the general status of your pool at a glance.


Manage the modules in your installation.


View the measurement history for your different sensors.


Easily control all your equipment.

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