Redox regulator


Redox regulator and analyser, Stéredox guarantees comfortable bathing by constant regulation of the Redox potential.

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Analysis and regulation of Redox potential with coupling to the electrolyser.

Stéredox combines a Redox potential analyser to a regulator, which controls the STÉRILOR electrolyser.
The pool Redox potential is thus stabilised for comfortable swimming.

Once the disinfectant level has reached a satisfactory level, Stéredox stops the electrolyser from producing chlorine without cutting off its power.

Product benefits

  • Compact, simple, reliable and robust unit with measurement/regulation circuit.
  • Permanent display of Redox potential value.
  • Appliance can be adapted to all pools.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • View all parameters at a glance.
  • Buttons for simple configuration.
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To inform the user whenever necessary, a diagnostic code automatically appears on the appliance screen.
Each code refers to an explanation in a table incorporated in the user manual. The explanations enable users and technicians to understand and resolve issues, even remotely.

Redox regulation:

The Redox measurement provides a snapshot of the water disinfecting capacity and the regulation maintains a suitable disinfectant level.

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High-quality components, easy to install, modular, transparent, etc. Stérilor solutions are designed to make installation and maintenance easier, while ensuring a long service life.



Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.



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