Stérilor Evo,
automated treatment of your salt water pool

Water treatment systems that make pool maintenance easier

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EVO range: efficiency, ergonomics and well-being.

Backed up by experience and expertise, Stérilor proposes a wide range of measurement, testing, regulation and automatic dosing solutions, all of which are reliable, simple to use, precise, ergonomic and durable.

A range to suit all needs

The EVO range by Stérilor was designed to meet the needs of as many users as possible.
Whether it concerns salt electrolysis, regulation or measurement systems, all the modules in the range are independent but can be combined to ensure optimal water treatment efficiency.
They are also very easy to install and can be adapted to all filtration systems.


Enhanced longevity

It’s true, the climate is changing, temperatures are rising significantly, sunshine levels and UV levels are higher on average, pools are used more and more frequently.

In light of these issues, Stérilor has designed the EVO range of products to ensure greater efficiency and a longer lifetime.
Custom settings will help to limit limescale deposits on appliances and prolong their lifetime.
The systems are protected for longer thanks to the cells and latest-generation dual-pole electrodes inside them, which optimise chlorine production.


Simple display for simple use

EVO appliances are equipped with a luminous LCD colour screen which displays all the parameters at a glance.
The buttons on the units offer direct access to all configuration functions for easier use.

Error codes are displayed in case of malfunctions to rapidly identify the cause and enable the pool technician to offer remote maintenance.

Evo product range

Système 7 Sel EVO

The SYSTÈME 7 SEL EVO was designed using the most advanced technologies with automatic polarity switching to make your life easier.

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Stérilor Sel EVO

STÉRILOR Salt EVO offers high-quality design and assembly, no compromise in the careful selection of materials and components for sustainable effectiveness.

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Stérilor Duo EVO

The STÉRILOR Duo is smart and maintains the water in balance. It stabilises the pH level while limiting the injection of corrector into the pool water, as it disinfects the water very simply.

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Redox regulator and analyser, Stéredox guarantees comfortable bathing by constant regulation of the Redox potential.

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High-quality components, easy to install, modular, transparent, etc. Stérilor solutions are designed to make installation and maintenance easier, while ensuring a long service life.



Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.