Stérilor EVO and XP ranges

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Stérilor certified genuine parts

Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.
Assurance of no programmed obsolescence.
The plate coating of the salt electrodes guarantees the quantity of chlorine produced and also the lifetime of electrodes.

Stérilor electrodes are individually assembled and tested when they exit production to ensure impeccable quality.

Dual-pole electrodes

New electrodes for incomparable efficiency:

A wider range (6 models) suited to pool volumes.

25 m3 model specially designed for small pools.

Dual-pole (float plate between each pole)

= Longer lifetime

= Higher yield

Stérilor consumables

Remote analysis chamber

  • Isolated using two valves installed on the chamber, simple action.
  • Chamber fitted with built-in pre-filter enabling visual inspection of its state.
  • Sensor subject to slow flow rate, measurement stability, longer lifetime.
  • Sampling valve near sensors for genuine comparative analysis, no morewondering about the location of the sampling point.
  • Wall fastening with spacers adapting to any support.Sensor plug supplied in case of use with only one measurement sensor.


Calibration & wintering

Calibration for pH sensor and Redox sensor
The pH and Redox sensors must be regularly calibrated to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
Calibration solutions must not be soiled by repeated use as calibration would then be subject to false values.
It is recommended to use a new test solution for each calibration and never to reuse them.

Wintering for sensors
The pH and Redox sensors require wintering in a dedicated solution to ensure that the installation can be restarted correctly next season.

Sensor plug
A simple and essential tool for all actions on measurement sensors.

pH/Redox/amperometric sensors

For EVO Uno, EVO Duo, STÉRI pH, Stér-pH, Stér-pH U, Stéredox U.

pH sensor and Redox sensor (associated with Stéridos):
Stérilor has selected two sensors featuring dual junction technology, which reinforces the protection of the reference solution compartment and therefore aids to maintain the quality of the measurement over time.
The surface in contact with water for measurement has been enhanced: for the pH, sensor, larger glass bulb surface; for the Redox, reinforced platinum wire.

Redox sensor associated with EVO Uno, EVO Duo and Stéredox U
This sensor is dedicated to regulators associated with salt electrolysers.
This high-quality sensor integrates a variety of technology meeting the specific conditions of use suitable for electrolysis.
*Sensor guaranteed 1 year under general terms and conditions of sale and warranty.

pH/Redox/temperature sensors

For XP range.

pH sensor:
single junction.
Sealed BNC connector.
5 m cable length.

Redox sensor:
This sensor is dedicated to the regulator associated with the XP electrolyser.
This gold tip sensor with sealed BNC connector, cable length 5 m, integrates a variety of technology meeting the specific conditions of use suitable for electrolysis.

Temperature sensor:
PT1000 model, stainless steel tube, sealed dual-pole connector.

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EVO range

for Stérilor brand fans.

Renewed design.
New interfaces.
More features.
Bluetooth control.


Connected range

Stérilor XP

Salt electrolysis

Autonomous, complementary units that communicate with each other via Bluetooth, streamlined and compact with an ultra-simple interface controlled by a dedicated phone app, designed for intuitive daily use...