What type of treatment for my pool?

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Once the pool water is filtered, it needs to be disinfected.
This treatment eliminates micro-organisms such as algae or fungi.
Disinfected, filtered pool water is clear, hygienic and offers genuine bathing comfort for users.

Multiple solutions exist to treat pool water, such as chlorine treatments, salt or copper/silver ionisation, etc.

Stérilor can advise you on the type of treatment needed for your pool.

Why is it so important to treat pool water?

Swimming pool water is a sensitive environment where algae, bacteria and fungi can develop.

The combination of humidity and heat favours the proliferation of micro-organisms, not forgetting the impurities and contaminants (leaves, sweat, lotions, etc.) that settle in the water when it is used or covered.
All these elements mean that the pool water needs to be treated and carefully disinfected.
Suitable treatment will also eliminate micro-organisms and prevent their further proliferation.

Pool treatments

Chlorine: historical treatment

Treating pool water with chlorine is certainly the most frequently-used and best-known solution.
Chlorine is a chemical product with high disinfectant properties, an algaecide and oxidant, capable of destroying bacteria, fungi and algae.
It can be used in two forms: unstabilised chlorine which must be used with a stabiliser, as it degrades rapidly when exposed to UV rays and loses its efficiency, while stabilised chlorine already contains a stabiliser, making it more effective for longer.
Most commonly used in the form of pellets, which are placed inside pool skimmers, chlorine unfortunately disrupts the pH of the pool water, smells strongly and irritates eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

Bromine: a natural disinfectant

Like chlorine, bromine is a disinfectant, oxidant and anti-algae.
Bromine comes in pellets and is placed in a brominator to slowly and efficiently dissolve over several weeks.
Its efficiency is determined by the pH level, which must be above 7.
Bromine is odourless and non-irritating, but remains a costly treatment.

Salt treatment: a hygienic and comfortable solution

Another pool treatment solution is salt electrolysis.
Salt electrolysis is economical, suitable for all pools, comfortable, hygienic and without restriction. It offers clear water and an optimal bathing experience.
The electrodes of the chlorinator transform the salt in the water to unstabilised chlorine.
The disinfectant produced destroys germs and waste, before re-transforming into salt.

Copper/silver ionisation: the most environmentally-friendly solution

Copper/silver ionisation is an automated treatment consisting in the ionisation of a perfect alloy of two materials: copper and silver.
The treatment acts as a disinfectant, algaecide, flocculant and bactericide.
Copper/silver ionisation produces crystal-clear water, pleasant to the touch, with no taste or smell, while reducing the risk of fungal infections and verrucas.
This solution eliminates 90% of chlorine and 100% of algaecides and flocculants.
It is especially recommended for tiled pools or shells.