What is a salt water pool and how does it work?

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All pool owners want clear, hygienic and disinfected water in all circumstances.
Until now, the most common method was manual chlorine treatment, with all the drawbacks it entails (handling chemical products, storage, irritated skin, red eyes, loss of time, etc.).

The simplest and most natural alternative is automated salt electrolysis treatment.
Salt electrolysers are efficient, without restriction and environmentally friendly. They produce clear, high-quality pool water all year round.

Stérilor lets you in on the secret to salt water pools and how they work.


Operation of a salt water pool

The salt water pool operates on the principle of electrolysis: electrical energy is transformed into chemical energy, enabling a natural and organic disinfection process.

Automating the water treatment process requires the installation of an electrolyser which will break down the salt in lightly salty water to transform it into natural chlorine.
When combined with water, this disinfectant destroys germs, algae, organic matter and pollutants.

Once the disinfectant action is complete, under the effect of solar radiation, the chemical reaction will occur in reverse: the active chlorine once again returns to a salt, before being converted into chlorine again when it is passed through the electrolysis cell again.
Electrolysis therefore depends on a perpetual cycle, which disinfects the water while avoiding the unpleasant sensations of having chlorine in the pool water.


Salt electrolysis: simple, natural and optimal treatment

Salt electrolysis offers instant, simple and natural disinfection.
The chlorine produced by salt electrolysis is highly active: it offers excellent oxidant, disinfectant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal capabilities..

This automated treatment means the pool water is continuously disinfected and a disinfectant itself.
The precise production of free chlorine ensures comfortable bathing for users (no unpleasant smells, no red eyes or irritations, etc.).

With this endless cycle, the pool water is continuously treated with the appropriate dose of disinfectant, which avoids overdosing products or returning home after an extended absence to find a green pool.


The benefits of a salt water pool

A salt water pool offers multiple benefits compared to pools that are disinfected with chlorine or bromine.

Above all, it is an economical water treatment solution, as the process depends on a system that recycles continuously.
It is very simple to use.
In fact, the water treatment process is automated by the electrolyser: less maintenance, fewer restrictions, no handling chemical products nor issues in storing them safely.
It is simple to deploy and compatible with all pools, even those already built.

It is a hygienic and environmentally-friendly solution: as salt is a natural substance, there is no more smell of chlorine, no more irritated eyes or skin, allergies, dryness or discolouration of swimsuits.
The water it produces is crystal clear and of very high quality.

Lastly, the salt electrolysis treatment is environmentally respectful and non-polluting, particularly useful if your pool needs to be drained.