The health benefits of salt electrolysis

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Salt electrolysis is an automated pool water treatment with no restrictions and no chemical products required.
Salt electrolysis can easily be used on a daily basis and offers multiple benefits.
One of the more important benefits is the benefit to swimmer health.

Stérilor tells you more about the benefits of salt electrolysis for users.


The secrets of salt electrolysis

Salt treatment is done by electrolysis using an electrochemical reaction and no chemical products.
This 100% natural process will produce a chlorinated disinfectant.

For the health of users, pool water must be hygienic and completely free of germs, bacteria, fungi and algae.
The electrolyser serves to disinfect the pool water and make it a disinfectant itself.
To achieve this, salt is dissolved in the pool water.
As it passes between two electrodes, the structure of the lightly salty water is altered, generating a new element: free chlorine.
This disinfectant generated by the electrolyser is unstabilised chlorine, which destroys micro-organisms and under the effect of solar radiation, combines with other elements to reform salt.
With a constantly renewed cycle, the pool water is treated continuously.


The health benefits of salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is an environmentally-friendly treatment that offers users clear and hygienic water without resorting to chemical products.
The automatic disinfection of the pool ensures a hygienic medium for swimming, whatever the conditions of use.

Additionally, salt electrolysis is an odourless treatment: no unpleasant smell of chlorine on your skin or swimsuits.

Moreover, because it is natural, salt electrolysis water treatment avoids all the negative effects of chlorine and chemical products on swimmers: no more irritated eyes or mucous membranes, no more dry skin or hair, no more allergies.
Salt treatment is ideal for people suffering from respiratory difficulties or asthma, and for young children.
It also prevents the premature wear of swimsuits.

Opt for salt electrolysis and you’ll enjoy more relaxing and comfortable bathing thanks to a healthy water and atmosphere.
Your skin, your eyes, and your swimsuits will thank you for it!