About us

Stérilor: French expert in water treatment for swimming pools.

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Stérilor, a pioneer in automated water treatment since 1985, offered solutions combining quality and ease of use right from the start.

Since then, Stérilor teams have continued to improve our products and consumables, constantly seeking solutions to make our appliances increasingly effective, natural, reliable… and simple.

Your Stérilor automated treatment releases you from the chore of cleaning your pool.

Depend on it and enjoy clean water every time you want or need it.

Our solutions are designed, assembled and tested in our workshop in the heart of the Hérault region of France, not far from Montpellier.

Appliances, cells, components, and accessories are subject to the greatest possible care in their design, choice of raw materials and quality controls carried out on our production site.

The Stérilor brand is 100% French and a guarantee of quality far beyond our borders.

The benefits of STÉRILOR products and services:

  • Easy to install and adaptable to all filtration systems.
  • Cells fitted with automatic polarity reversal.
  • Regulated current: automatically adapts to variations in water composition.
  • Appliances managed by exclusive, reliable, scalable, unique software.
  • Appliances can be coupled together to obtain effective combinations suited to specific needs.
  • Design and production of customised appliances.
  • Responsive technical support: specific hotline for professionals.
  • Spare parts: STÉRILOR stocks the spare parts for all generations of appliances at highly competitive prices.
  • Support for professional clients: STÉRILOR provides all levels of training and expertise in products.

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Gender equality index

Each year Stérilor calculates and publishes its performance in terms of equal compensation.

This index is based on 100 points and calculated using four indicators that assess salary differences between genders:

  • Male-female pay gap,
  • Differences in allocation of individual raises,
  • Number of employees receiving a raise on return from maternity leave,
  • Parity amongst 10 highest earners.

In 2022, the group score was 93/100.

This result reflects Stérilor’s commitment to gender equality and the values embodied by the company on a daily basis.