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Because each swim should be a moment of pleasure, Stérilor works daily to develop products that are simple to use to ensure your pool water is clean and clear.

Our solutions

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pioneer in automated water treatment

In 1985, we started to propose solutions that blend quality and comfort of use.
Since then, at Stérilor we have continued to improve our products and consumables, constantly seeking solutions to make them increasingly effective, natural, reliable… and simple.

Our solutions are designed, assembled and tested in our workshop in the heart of the Sarthe region of France, not far from the Le Mans 24h race track.
Appliances, cells, components, and accessories are subject to the greatest possible care in their design, choice of raw materials and quality controls carried out on our production site.
The Stérilor brand is 100% French and a guarantee of quality far beyond our borders.

Our technologies to treat your pool

Salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is the most popular water treatment amongst pool professionals


pH regulation

Regulating the pH is essential to maintain pool water well balanced.
It is done by an electronic measuring device that tests and automatically rectifies the pH of your pool water.


Redox regulation

The Redox potential of a pool or the search for the ideal balance.
The appropriate solution for everyone who wants to be as little involved as possible in monitoring their water quality and treatment.


Amperometric regulation

Amperometric regulation serves to constantly measure and control the amount of free chlorine in the water.


The benefits of salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is an automated treatment for pool water that significantly reduces maintenance requirements.
Salt electrolysis is easy to use daily and offers multiple advantages, such as genuine benefits for the health of pool users.

Stérilor tells you more about the benefits of salt electrolysis for users.

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Our product ranges for salt water pools

Gamme EVO

Salt electrolysis

for Stérilor brand fans.

Renewed design.
New interfaces.
More features.
Bluetooth control.


connected range
Stérilor XP

Salt electrolysis

An AVANT-GARDE SOLUTION... for users of connected objects.

Stérilor XP consists of 5 modules (Salt Electrolyser, pH Regulator, Redox Regulator, Temperature and Connect) from the same family, independent but complementary, designed to make water treatment by salt electrolysis simple, effective, modular and scalable.

...and all natively connected, controllable via a comprehensive and intuitive dedicated application.



High-quality components, easy to install, modular, transparent, durable, etc. Stérilor solutions are designed to make installation and maintenance easier.



Demanding specifications and rigorous component selection have always enabled Stérilor to ensure the quality of its equipment and its consumables.


Stérilor designs and produces water treatment systems suited to the needs of each user.

Stérilor is a trusted brand, providing its expertise in water treatment to clients via innovative, efficient, natural, reliable, and simple solutions.

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Our advice on pool maintenance

Pool maintenance
My pool water is green: what should I do?
When autumn arrives, it is time to prepare your pool for the winter months. This is essential to protect the pool and its equipment against the winter weather.
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Installation tutorials
Installation of Stérilor XP pH
In this section, browse tutorial videos that are simple, clear and practical on unboxing, installing and using our solutions.
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Water treatment
The health benefits of salt electrolysis
Salt electrolysis is an automated, effective pool water treatment with no restrictions and is easy to use on a daily basis.
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