EVO+ technology

Efficiency, ergonomics and well-being.


So that our electrolysers are faultless and effective in all situations, and for ever simpler and legible use, this year we are upgrading the SYSTÈME 7 and STÉRILOR EVO lines to the SYSTÈME 7 and STÉRILOR EVO+ lines.

This upgrade makes it possible to have a simpler and more user friendly chlorine production over a range of between 15 and 100 % where the previous EVO version operated at between 30 and 180 %.
This means you need to change your appliance setting habits.

Stérilor XP

The comfort of treatment controlled by a smartphone app.


• Simplicity
• Efficiency
• Modularity / Connectivity
• Confort

Sleek, standalone, complementary control boxes that communicate with each other using Bluetooth with a super-simple interface controlled by a specific smartphone app designed for intuitive everyday use... Everything is where it should be.
Nothing missing, nothing superfluous.

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